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Players Give Lifetime Achievement Award To Kevin Spacey

Denis Leary, Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Spacey

It’s said you can judge a man by the company he keeps. Acting/Producing/Directing juggernaut Kevin Spacey keeps very good company indeed. Monday night saw Spacey receive the highest honor of the Players Foundation for Theatre Education: the Edwin Booth Lifetime Achievement Award. Witnessing this were a number of Spacey’s colleagues; not the least of which were Denis Leary and Stephen Baldwin 

It was a night for the record books. Along with the likes of Tony Bennett and Miss USA Rima Fakih; dozens of actors, producers and cohorts came out in force to celebrate Spacey and his award. Cabaret icon Steve Ross crooned before Denis Leary cracked wise as he handed Spacey the statuette.  

Debbie Dickinson with Rima Fakih (Miss USA)

It’s a testament to the star’s enduring reputation as one of the greats that none of his esteemed colleagues—not one—had anything but the kindest words to say. Music producer (and collaborator on Fly Me To the MoonPhil Ramone said, “I happen to be a big fan of Kevin. When word got out that he was going to do his own singing [in the film], a lot of people were very pleasantly surprised.” 

Tony Bennett to the right.