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79 year old man has his tongue bitten off by his wife during a kiss.


Once bitten, twice shy.

Out of Wisconsin today comes one of those special stories that makes you feel all giddy that you too aren’t married to one particular 57 year old woman.

Herald.com.au A WISCONSIN man underwent surgery overnight to have his tongue reattached after his wife bit it off during a kiss.

The 79-year-old victim called police yesterday and an ambulance and officers were sent to his home in Sheboygan, north of Milwaukee, despite having trouble understanding what he was saying, the Sheboygan Press reported.

And why was this particular 79 year old man having trouble speaking?

Officers with the Sheboygan Police Department said the man’s tongue was bitten off when the woman tried to kiss him inside the couple’s home. The man was missing about half his tongue.

Mmh, maybe it would have been easier if she has told her husband that she just had a plain headache? But of course as is usually the case it only got weirder…

When officials arrived, the man and his 57-year-old wife were outside singing Christmas carols. The wife reportedly threw a coffee cup at the emergency responders.

Christmas carols? Well Christmas is just around the corner. And of course you could only imagine how well the husband was keeping up to the wife.

The man asked that his wife not be arrested, but she was taken into custody and charged with domestic violence.

One day when the husband finally gets his tongue stitched back on he’s going to wonder if it might be easier making out with a paper shredder…