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The kindred lot arrive for American Folk Art Museum’s ‘Advocate for the Arts’ Gala


It is also worth noting that a cursory regard of the American Folk Art Museum’s expressed mission of intent has this to say: The annual Fall Benefit gala provides the primary source of funding for the museum’s acclaimed educational programs, which serve more than 8,000 New York City schoolchildren each year. The museum has a long-standing commitment to arts education, as demonstrated by the exhibition series Perspectives, organized by the education department, and the website developed specifically for educators. More here.

A special note should also be made to Alexander Gilkes, who served as the evenings auctioneer (and resides as the director at Phillips de Pury and Co) who in this author’s opinion has the most beguiling ability to get people to part with their money. A skill we could all learn, especially for kindred causes as the evening that had bought us along. Also a special mention should be made to Alexa Winner, current stylist du jour and advocate of wonderful causes about town (she seems to be everywhere) who charmed us and looked absolutely stunning in her Stephen Mikhail black stingray skin sleeve and her Gemma Kahng dress as accompanied by much adored fashion show producer David Victor Rose.

A wonderful event and many congratulations to those who gathered to support the arts and the kindred mission at the behest of a Mr Barry Briskin and his wonderful cohort the Richard  and Laura Parsons, Val and Yaz Hernandez and all those unsung heroes, volunteers, workers, contributors who give tirelessly to the museum and the dream of being.

Laura and Dick Parsons kick off the American Folk Art Museum’s Upcoming Gala.

Splendor at the 2010 American Antiques Show.

Splendor at the pre American Folk Art Museum Gala.