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Pentales- The age of the literary salon has finally returned.

Anthony D Poerio

Photography courtesy of Albrecht von Alvensleben. He is a German photographer and architect, based in NYC. You can link to his other work here: http://www.candela-project.com/

For those of you craving the company of literary types and good prose may we suggest Pentales, a charming collective of 20/30 somethings that know how to weave a good yarn and their beguiling charm. Headed by ex Harvard alumni Stephanie Ursula Hodges and her collaborator (and childhood friend) Saskia Miller who completed her own masters in creative writing from the Free University of Berlin these two lasses have finally bought literary elan back to NYC, something that this author only wishes there was more of.

Inspired by a chance meeting at political and literary journal Guernica’s recent anniversary party (yes kids I don’t not only attend super model parties…) I decided to come along one recent evening to their most recent sojourn- ‘Making ends meet.’ Although I must say from the outset there was some degree of consternation from both ladies when I revealed that although, a fellow writer, I was more often associated with the scandalous persuasion of being a tabloid writer. Something if you must know comes at its own peril, and frankly who can blame the literary classes from feelings of slight nausea, when a tabloid hack turns up to one of their languid affairs, his back seat pants lathered in the complicit tales of gruesome gossip. Unless of course the literary classes suddenly want to join the ranks of wanton scandal…