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Florida Woman Tries to Sell Grandson for $30,000 on the Black Market


45-year-old Floridian Patty Bigbee was caught trying to sell her 8-week-old grandson on the black market for $30K, after being haggled down from 75. In an ultimate stroke of irony, the exchange was to be made in the parking lot of a Best Buy.

A sting was set up after police were contacted by a “gravely concerned man” who’d found out about Bigbee’s intentions. NBC Miami reports that “Authorities would not say how the buyer originally found out the child was for sale, or whether the internet was involved.” (Anyone else wanna bet they used Craigslist?)

Bigbee, the baby boy’s maternal grandmother, gained custody of the child after her daughter’s incarceration a few weeks ago. Since then, she and her boyfriend, Lawrence Work, 42, had been “looking to sell [the] infant to anyone”… and apparently at a very negotiable price. (One has to wonder if they were even willing to consider ‘interesting trades.’)

Though a neighbor commented that, “They seemed like they loved him,” Richard Ivey who oversaw the sting operation said the following, “This transaction today was: ‘Take this baby, give us our money and go.”

The baby was apparently being pawned to pay for their new Chevy Malibu, which has a $21,975 starting price (maybe they could try bidding that one low too…).  Which only makes us wonder if this  is a sign of the increasing economic desperation in America, or simply a particularly painful example of the darker sides of human nature?