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Boy gang raped by 10 women with knives.


The things that are going on in the hinterlands of Papua New Guinea.

Up to the 1970′s indigenous tribes of Papua New Guinea, a land mass until the same time governed by near by Australia, still carried out cannibalism and had yet been discovered by Western civilization. Of course that by no means should discount the onslaught and murder of many Papua New Guineans, (never mind near by sister island-East Timor ) as sanctioned by the west during the same time. That said, we’re not sure whether this goes to any meaningful length to help explain the awful event a 17 year old boy endured this past Friday at the mercy of ten knife wielding women…

A 17-year-old village boy has been gang raped by 10 knife wielding women in Papua New Guinea, police say.

Southern Highlands Province police commander Teddy Tei said the gang of women attacked the schoolboy just outside the provincial centre of Mendi on Friday.

“More than 10 women with kitchen knives attacked him and four women had sexual intercourse with him.”

As of yet the perpetrators have not been found, nor have any credible reasons been offered as to what incited the attack. That of course doesn’t discount the fear that the boy may have been dealt a potentially lethal attack….

Tei said he feared the women may have infected the young man with HIV/AIDs.

“HIV/AIDs is a problem in PNG and I am concerned the women might be infected. I always warn the women to be careful at night but I am now warning the men too,” Tei said.

We may never come to find out what prompted this boy’s demise (as much as it is tempting to see it as a preferred fantasy of sorts), but then again, it may allude to a type of willful punishment on the boy, primal and prone to delibitating him and his perceived masculinity. Some crimes can leave far reaching physical and psychological injury, and for now the boy will have to live with the added torment of whether he has contracted aids or other sexual diseases.