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Spitting on your hands has a greater chance of keeping your hands clean than hand sanitizer.


Isn’t it about time you learned how to spit into your hands?

According to a recently released study using hand sanitizer is just as about as good at keeping your hands clean is as is having a passerby spit a big gob in them and you wiping them away with a fluffy tissue.

NY Daily News
Flu season alert: Hand sanitizers stop working after just two minutes.

Surprised? You’re not alone. More than half of all Americans think the antibacterial gel last a lot longer than it really does, according to a new national survey.

The fact that hand sanitizers don’t offer long-term protection may come as a shock to germiphobes, but it’s a reality.

Which essentially offers you 4 choices this fall:

Spritz those hands every 2 minutes. Chop those hands off. Be prepared to catch every known human disease and cold, like you currently do or according to the chipmunks waving their little fluffy hands in the air, the other option is to spit big great wads of spit in them and then wipe them against tactile opbject you come across in public, that way everyone gets sick before you do while keeping yourself perfectly clean.

Adds Dr. Len Horovitz, attending physician and internist at Lenox Hill Hospital: “Hand sanitizer is better than nothing if you are going to shake someone’s hand or if you are out on the street with no sink or paper towels, but the best germicidal thing you can do is wash with soap and water.”
What will you reach for next time you need to clean your hands, a bar of soap, hand sanitzer or that gob of spit in the back of your mouth?