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Are you up for wearing the disposable subway riding glove?


Killing other people’s germs just got very serious.

Have you noticed anyone wearing the metro mitt on your local NY subway yet? Well you may in the near future, assuming you don’t mind coming off like a jack ass infront of fellow commuters…

gawker: From the Products We Don’t Need file comes Metro Mitt, a little plastic bag for you to put over your hands while holding the pole in the subway. It’s supposed to make your commute more sanitary.

And as you can appreciate sanitary are the hallmarks of a better state of mind and hygiene. Assuming you believe a little plastic glove over your clenched fist helps…

“… you’re probably sitting in a seat that a bum peed on and standing on a floor that has been covered in every substance from spilled coffee to drunk sorority girl vomit (especially on the 6!). Also, you are standing cheek to jowl (that is your ass cheek to some fat guy’s jowl) with humanity. You’re sharing air and germs and microbes. There is no way around this. If you think a little plastic glove (or even a surgical mask) is going to help you, then you’re seriously deluded. The only way you’re going to escape the filth is to not take the subway, and who can afford that?”

Just in case you’ve been insulted enough by the nutters who came up with metro mitt, comes one more insult. What insult?

But it gets worse. Not only is it something we don’t need, it’s something we don’t need that will have advertising on it. Because, yes, that’s just what we need, another surface for Dr. Zizmor to remind us all of our blemishes, New York Sports Club to call us fat, or Manhattan Storage to call us hoarders.

Will you be riding the subway with your own metro mitt anytime soon?