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Snooki wants you to know she’s had no ‘nooky’ in the last 3 months.


Jersey Shore’s Slut’s Snooki wants you to know; she’s got no nookie for the past three months; or, to put in Jersey Shore’s very own lingo, Snooki isn’t smooshing.

But in maybe the best news heard in recent history, this means the world can rest easy knowing the pint-sized obsession is not reproducing.

New York Daily News:  The “Jersey Shore” star, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, dismissed a pregnancy rumor Thursday during a call-in on the radio show, “Mojo in the Morning.”

Snooki also dismissed her hard partying ways, explaining: “When we’re filming, that’s vacation for me and the time to party and let loose. Other than that, I hardly go out,” Snooki explained, adding that she’s a “relaxed person” who would “rather lay in my bed and watch movies all night than go to a club.”

Nothing like making up for lost time during taping; but hey, if MTV was footing the bill for us to party hard just to look like jackasses, we may have one (or ten) more shots of Patron too.

And back to our poufed princess being pregnant:

The reality star even insisted she wasn’t lying and questioned “why would you” get pregnant if you weren’t yet married.

Snooki, dear, we’d like to rephrase that question and ask you, “why should you get pregnant?” and from the behavior we’ve witnessed for one too many scandalous seasons on the beaches of the dirty Jerz and the MIA, we’ve got to be honest, you probably never should.

Look on the bright side, though, you’ll never have to explain to your own little brood how you became the world’s smallest (and maybe even most insignificant) media whore. (see links below).

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