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Prison Guard Assaults Inmates with Oral Sex, Then brings them Presents


If being raped by other inmates wasn’t already enough to worry about (despite the presence of token condom dispensers) now it seems America’s prison population will have to worry about being sexually assaulted by prison guards also. But if the well-being of a few unfeeling felons doesn’t concern you, then perhaps this part of it will: it’s costing you tax dollars.

That’s right, the state of Wisconsin paid $150,000 to avoid being sued by a former inmate who’d claimed prison guard James Trentin “gave him oral sex four times” during his incarceration.

Trentin, who at first avoided prison himself because of a plea bargain which the state prosecutor admits “may have been a mistake in hindsight,” had allegedly “inappropriately touched” four other inmates, and gave them gifts of tobacco, cameras, and candy, according to a one hundred page long investigative report classified as ‘confidential.’

Trenton’s victims, all in their ‘late teens or early twenties’ have been variously left crying, threatened with gang violence, told they were reminiscent of his son, and beaten with a nightstick before before being told it was ‘time for sex.’

Despite such overt abuse of power, the incidents have long been suppressed according to chief investigator Chris Kuchinski who received a pay cut and a demotion for his refusal to give up pursuing the case.

Apparently, the State thought public knowledge of the incidents abuse was more dangerous than freeing Trentin, who with more than 20 assaults in 2008 and 2007 left a path of destruction that, if left un-investigated, would have gone largely unknown.

Kind of makes one wonder what else is being hidden, how else the State and its most trusted attendants may be secretly fucking us without anyone ever knowing.

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