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British Businessman Chokes to Death During Guatanamo Bay S&M Roleplay


The verdict is in on the S&M death of British-born businessman Lionel Webster, 61, who was found dead last October in the Derbyshire dungeon of two elderly pensionersAnne and Colin Richardson (68 and 74) — with a chain ‘around his genitals.’ Garbed as a Guatanamo Bay prisoner, Webster was allegedly allowed the extra addition of ‘knee-high stiletto boots and a blindfold.’ Unlike the life incidents, no photographs have surfaced.

Reportedly, the businessman had been playing the part of a military prisoner who’d ‘gone AWOL [and] needed to be punished.’

That is, to put it more bluntly: he was living out the fantasy of being punished for skipping town while out for a weekend of fun; for refusing to come back to the harshness of reality no matter the consequences… which, all things considered, is more or less is what happened, albeit in a more brutal way than possibly envisaged. (Of course, because this is fantasy we can ignore the perhaps fatal mistake that military prisoners don’t get leave on which to go AWOL, but that’s another issue entirely.)

At the inquest, yesterday, Mrs. Richardson, whom had been initially charged with murder, explained “she was attempting to stimulate businessman with an electrical device but was getting no response.” Were guessing it wasn’t a defibrillator…

The report continues, saying “He suddenly then made a noise and jumped but claimed he was fine and she carried on. However, after making the noise a second time he slumped over and passed out.” The couple was unable to resuscitate Webster, because he’d locked himself in a “massive collar” and hidden the key somewhere inside his prison costume. When the paramedics arrived the father of two had no pulse.

Though our elderly dominatrix was eventually found innocent, we may still wonder it is about testing the limits of one’s mental, physical, and, ahem, sexual endurance that makes a man play so eagerly with contemporary tropes of torture with even more fatal brutality than those unfortunates he attempted to emulate experienced in reality. Wasn’t Webster, as are most of us in Western culture, so far removed from the realities of the torture so many have been forced to experience that he failed to take seriously the dreadful implications of it?

Source: DailyMail.co.uk