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Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Reel Being Billed as the ‘filthiest, most depraved film you’ve ever seen’

Oh honies, please tell me where payday is?
Karissa to the world: 'Payday is only a week away.'

The leaked photos, showing Shannon and Smallville actor Sam Jones drinking water in various scenes of light bondage, including a few shots that feature a riding crop which has misidentified as a fly swatter, appear surprisingly underwhelming for being he raunchiest film in the storied history of pornography. Have the people at Vivid never seen 2 Girls one Cup or anything starring Max Hardcore? Not that much of anyone would really want to watch those willingly, but that’s the competition out there, and this just doesn’t really compare.

Though, to be fair, if you review the scandalous images as carefully as the press releases you could make a more persuasive argument that the much sought after moniker describes not just the ‘six figure’ video itself but the situation as a whole, complete with the marketing for it.

Consider for instance, the following suspicious statement:

Hollyscoop; “Even though Karissa and Sam made this for their own enjoyment, it’s shot extremely well and is as provocative as it is sexual. Never has a girl this beautiful been this nasty…she’s completely uninhibited with Sam.”

Even if we do get to see such silly treats as “Jones in a spiked collar using a whip on his Playboy playmate girlfriend” we also  get the creeping feeling that the only honest transgression here is that one being forced upon the blindfolded public, who, in typical S&M fashion, have been too busy loving it to bother asking why they’re being bombarded with such a mediocre media whipping. Not only is there no lawsuit, but reports say the film is coming out next week. Can you feel the, er… kink?

Aren’t you glad you’re finally getting your hands on one of the most fictitious vigorous media spectacles…next week?

Image sources; Anorak

Karissa Shannon on the Montag Tape

Hi baby. You looking for payday?
Payday, is that you over there? Do you mind turning around and saying howdie?
Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, I can't wait for payday!
Oh honies, please tell me where payday is?