Home Fashion Jill Stuart Spring/Summer 2011- The Calm After the Kardashians.

Jill Stuart Spring/Summer 2011- The Calm After the Kardashians.


Photography by Arthur Eisenberg. Jill Stuart Spring/Summer Collection 2011.

The media and reality star circus leading up to the Jill Stuart Spring 2011 Runway show looked particularly absurd in the David H. Koch Theater. 2 Kardashian sisters, Miss J. Alexander and Nigel Barker from ANTM, and Gossip Girl darling Jessica Szohr were present, and the Kardashian girls in particular set off a frenzy. But the sweeping, five-story orchestral setting somehow comically dwarfed all that commotion. Enormous statues of curvy, blossoming women bemusedly peered down at the pin-thin crowd and their Chanel purses and Louboutins.

But this circus show had to end for the fashion show to begin, and once everyone had taken their seats that magic moment arrived: just before the show begins when the crowd is silent, the room is dark, and the anticipation is palpable. I, for one, was full of anticipation for the dark and edgy Jill Stuart of recent years. Her last collection left me breathless, and I couldn’t wait to see Stuart’s take on the trends making their way throughout the shows.