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Jill Stuart Fall 2010 Women’s wear: This Time, Little Red Riding Hood Ate the Wolf.

Photography by Arthur Eisenberg. Jill Stuart 2010 Fall Collections.

As the crowd gathered in the New York Public Library on Monday February 15th, their pursuits were far from literary. Little did they know, however, that Jill Stuart was about to bring the characters of dark fairy tales and stormy Victorian novels to life in ways Mr. Rogers never even dreamed of.

As the music began to play the library became a backdrop for a Bronte sister’s story. Ethereal vocals over strong Celtic beats evoked rolling Scottish plains and tumbling heather. Out stomped the heroines of our story. Dark, wild eyes, shiny, rosy cheeks and muted lips with wavy, flyaway hair. And the clothes, oh, the clothes. Suddenly the glossy, polished fashionistas and Vogeuttes of the audience looked like uncomfortable tropical birds left out in the cold.

Plaid and dramatic knitwear were prominent, which contributed to the Scottish woodsy feel. All the models wore thigh high lace-up boots in a subtle Victorian nod. These boots, paired with short cocktail dresses were surprisingly chaste looking. It felt more like bloomers than hookers on those straight little legs.