Home Scandal and Gossip Parasite Hilton is being sued for $35 million dollars.

Parasite Hilton is being sued for $35 million dollars.


Paris must have been smoking the good stuff when she accidentally slipped in some “competitor’s hair” instead of the company endorsing her luscious (fake) locks. It’s a mistake that could be quiet costly, even for Paris.

Hairtech International Inc. is seeking an astonishing $35 million dollars in damages; claiming Paris not only wore a competing company’s hair in 2008, violating her contract with Hairtech, but her partying ways didn’t fit their, apparently wholesome, image; they’re also alleging she missed an event in 2007 because of her legal troubles, and of course they want money for that too.

NY Daily News: In the filing, the company gripes that Hilton also missed a launch party in 2007 for the hair extensions line because she was behind bars. She served 23 days in jail after being caught for driving twice with a suspended license while on probation for reckless driving.

Anyone else not understanding how these damages could come anywhere close to $35 million?

Well let’s check their calculations:

Hairtech is contending the company lost $6.6 million because of Hilton’s absence.

Are we talking about her 23 day jail sentence that was then commuted to mere hours in prison? Surely, even 23 days of Paris’s time with your fake hair can’t be worth that much.

The company also said Hilton’s partying lifestyle contradicts Hairtech’s marketing campaign.

Let’s get this straight. You elect Paris Hilton to represent your brand and you don’t promote a “partying lifestyle?” Let’s take this back a step; do you know who Paris Hilton is? Here is a way to recoup some cost, fire whoever’s in charge of your marketing campaign.

It’s deplorable to think that a company can sue, and potentially win that exorbitant amount of money from someone not wearing their synthetic hair. Yet million’s of deserving people each day fight the good fight, for real damages, in real tragedy, and never see a penny.

No celebrity is worth $35 million over an endorsement deal gone sour. If Paris is worth $35 million, we’d hate to see how much someone like Angelina would go for.

What’s missing in this picture of Paris Hilton?