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Meet KIKI, the preferred Decadent Girl.

Kiki is her own quasi intellectual. Kiki is you.
Kiki is the ultimate decadent girl. Kiki is you.

Never mind the first decade of the new millennium, this is very much a fin-de siècle icon of our imminently doomed society, that said we urge you to come and sprinkle your disdain on Kiki’s decadent adventures. Kiki the new preferred decadent girl that is…

Burnt-out hipster-meister turned reluctant housewife of NYC, always stylishly clad in the intermittent folds of her ennui, folly, ambition and despair, endlessly torn between the media’s injunctions and her own, privately perfumed nightmares about the meaninglessness of life, Kikis’s a woman perpetually on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In other words- Kiki is really just you!

Today’s adventures:

Kiki goes Korean – looking for the preciousness of life anywhere it might or might not be found – around a stripping pole or inside your own coffin are just a few of the options.

It’s sunny out, but Kiki can’t bring herself to work out. Sweat, or the prospect of being coated in one more sticky, smelly bodily secretion is too much to bear; strenuous effort wouldn’t fare well with her hangover stomach; and does she really want to cave in to the concept that the only shape that is socially-condonable for a woman to flaunt in 21st century is that of a genetically-engineered celery stick?

“Fuck size 0, I’m going to be fat and happy, gloss my hair with olive oil, make my own moonshine out of macerated prune pits, wear pants made out of recycled rucksacks by Indian orphans, start a charity in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, make a line of disposable yoga mats that daily doubles as a biodegradable fertilizer for your herb garden… Shit.  Yoga really does count as exercise, doesn’t it? Is it too early for a Bloody Mary? I really should run, it would clear my head…but first let me finish that margarita by the bed stand…”

Kiki is stylishly hip. Kiki is you.

Kiki is her own fashion Icon. Kiki is you.

Just then the cigarette smoke, the advil, caffeine and hangover inside her decide to all join hands and dance a bit of an Irish jig.

“Now that’s a couple of pounds lost without moving a finger” is the first thought assaulting her as she emerges from inside the toilet bowl and reaches for the mouthwash. Followed by immediate disgust at her own thought-process. And an overwhelming pre-emptive fatigue at the prospect of her new proposed direction in life.



  1. westchester too boring so Kiki came to NY to make it boring too… only you said it much better…poo-naa-nee-naa-nee

  2. haven’t you noticed most girls in the pictures are actually different people? How do you know which one is Kiki? How do you know kiki is even there?

    Much agressivity, at any rate… Maybe you need to be sent to your coffin and chill out for fifteen minutes…

  3. “Fuck size 0, I’m going to be fat and happy”

    shut the fuck up bitch youre skinny as fuck. you’re an idiot.

  4. “Kiki goes Korean” does that mean she is going for something Korean poo-naa-nee-naa-nee……? hey, i’m just askin!

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