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Meet KIKI, the preferred Decadent Girl.

Kiki is her own self caricature. Kiki is you.

Wouldn’t it work just as well at the tanning salon? At least if the self-reflection turns out to be sub-par, it’s this much make-up you won’t have to put on your face for the next 10 days.

“While some people suffer extreme anxiety (been there) and pound on the coffin lid to be let out (miss… miss!), others undergo a complete personal transformation.”

Mmmh. Complete personal transformation. Now well, obviously, I need this the way I need oxygen, just like everyone else in this building and in this town. What a charming idea, indeed. But isn’t the best part about funeral fantasies seeing how everyone sobs and how you’re sorely missed? Isn’t the best part going inside the head of your ex-boyfriend and witness his realization that you were indeed the love of his life? Listen to everyone tearfully recount your endless qualities and talents and how much they loved and believed in you? Watch how anyone who ever was a jerk to you kicks himself in bitter repentance? That’s an awful lot of extras for the Coffin Academy in Daejon, South Korea, to come up with. Especially when they have to service 4,000 Kyobo Insurance employees a week for just under $30 a pop. Maybe people could take turns as mutually forgiving mourners?

“Whether or not the fake funerals will make employees spend more time at the office – or leave their unfulfilling corporate lives – remains to be seen.”

Now that’s preposterous, Abigail. What could possibly be more fulfilling than having a mission in life and getting to complete it anew 22 days out of every month while reaping weekly rewards?

Kiki at times is her own neurotic mess. Kiki is you.



  1. westchester too boring so Kiki came to NY to make it boring too… only you said it much better…poo-naa-nee-naa-nee

  2. haven’t you noticed most girls in the pictures are actually different people? How do you know which one is Kiki? How do you know kiki is even there?

    Much agressivity, at any rate… Maybe you need to be sent to your coffin and chill out for fifteen minutes…

  3. “Fuck size 0, I’m going to be fat and happy”

    shut the fuck up bitch youre skinny as fuck. you’re an idiot.

  4. “Kiki goes Korean” does that mean she is going for something Korean poo-naa-nee-naa-nee……? hey, i’m just askin!

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