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Meet KIKI, the preferred Decadent Girl.


Kiki is her own skinny hot mess. Kiki is you.

“My brain is one fucked-up crib, a prison, a poison, my punishment for having been born and for having survived” is much of what her mental drooling amounts to as she scans her immediate surroundings for a gentle and kind distraction from the general agony of life.

Crumpled amidst dirty underwear on the bathroom floor, Marie-Claire beckons. (There is no small prose, only small readers) With here toes, she flips it open.

“Playing Dead: Would faking your own funeral make you work harder at your job?”

Well I do not have a job. Make me work harder at being alive? How exactly do you mean, Abigail Haworth of Marie-Claire dispatch?

“New Korean services allow employees to experience their own deaths – right down to writing their eulogies, choosing their song lists and lying in a coffin with the lid slammed shut. The idea is that pretending to be dead helps workers appreciate the “preciousness” of life – and, hopefully, increase their corporate productivity as well.”

Hmm. Preciousness of life. Think of flowers in the rain, doves soaring, palm in beak, over dawn-lit seascapes. Not quite me. Corporate productivity. The absolute anti-thesis of me.

But hey, that is a nice idea for a playlist: “I-die” or better still “Each dawn: I-die”, maybe our New Master of the Known Universe also known as Steve Jobs could come up with an underground-death-simulating device you would wear on your third eye when you take a nap. It would fuck with your sense of balance, gravity and direction, give you a little epileptic jolt, have you listen to a couple of brain-wave realigning tracks and send you on your way back to work, refreshed, recalibrated, with a renewed sense of purpose. Plus it would come in seven cool metallic colors and charge directly on your I phone.

“Simulating your own death motivates people to make each day more fulfilling.” “After writing their last testament, clients lie in a dark coffin for 10 minutes and experience an intense moment of self-reflection”

Kiki is a fashion diva. Even in death. Kiki is you.



  1. westchester too boring so Kiki came to NY to make it boring too… only you said it much better…poo-naa-nee-naa-nee

  2. haven’t you noticed most girls in the pictures are actually different people? How do you know which one is Kiki? How do you know kiki is even there?

    Much agressivity, at any rate… Maybe you need to be sent to your coffin and chill out for fifteen minutes…

  3. “Fuck size 0, I’m going to be fat and happy”

    shut the fuck up bitch youre skinny as fuck. you’re an idiot.

  4. “Kiki goes Korean” does that mean she is going for something Korean poo-naa-nee-naa-nee……? hey, i’m just askin!

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