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Should you be getting your vagina rejuvinated too?


Why just settle for a Brazilian wax?

It finally had to happen. Have you ever thought to yourself- ‘Hmm, today when I get out of bed I’m going to skimmy over to Dr Steven Morgan and have my vagina ‘rejuvenated?’ Well in the event that you haven’t, Dr Morgan wants you to know he’s there patiently waiting for you. What do you get out of the service? Well according to the above ad there is some sort of laser involved, which may or may not please your vagina, we can never be sure here at Scallywag and Vagabond what our readers are exactly into, but if having a shiny laser pulsating near or at your vagina sounds compelling then a visit to Dr Morgan will see you right.

Hmm- isn’t it time you let Dr Morgan tend to your vagina…?

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