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John Stamos wants to tell you he did not have an underage fling, a bag of coco pops or strippers.


It’s definitely a ‘full house’ over by where John lives…

Looks like hunk actor John Stamos has got himself an interesting situation on his hands and of course the world is curiously looking over his shoulder as court proceedings get underway. Huffington Post helps clarify:

Huffpo: MARQUETTE, Mich. — A woman charged with conspiring to bilk actor John Stamos of hundreds of thousands of dollars had a brief romantic fling with him when she was a 17-year-old high school student during a spring break trip to Florida in 2004, an attorney said Monday.

Defense lawyer Sarah Henderson made the allegation during opening arguments in the U.S. District Court trial of Allison Coss and Scott Sippola, even though the presiding judge last week ruled that testimony about whether the “ER” and “Full House” star had an intimate relationship with Coss would not be allowed.

Which has us wondering, how come we never got to see this episode on TV. But of course we can now thank Allison Coss and Scott Sippola for finally bringing it to our collective attention. But prey, why did they suddenly decide it was time to let us know (assuming it’s all true kids…) that it doesn’t always sunshine in John’s backyard?

Coss, 24, and Sippola, 31, both of Marquette, are accused of conspiring to extort $680,000 from Stamos by telling him they had photos of him with cocaine and strippers. Prosecutors contend the pictures don’t exist, and FBI agents testified Monday they found no such photos while searching the defendants’ house after their arrest.

Coco pops and strippers? Does John have that in his kitchen cupboard? My what will the kids at the office think? Who knew that life could be so out of hand, right kids? Wait, I think that’s a stripper knocking on my door now…

Henderson said Stamos, now 46, noticed Coss and another girl at a club, asked friends to bring them over and later invited the star-struck teens to his hotel room. Stamos ordered a drink for Coss even after she told him she was 17, Henderson said.

Of course one has to wonder whether the little princess was already guzzling it up at the club, which makes us wonder since when did clubs let 17 year olds in (we know stupid question) and by proxy can we really blame John who’s eyes at this time must have been doing Jack Daniel kamikaze tricks as the little princess started purring for him. Gees, why wont that stripper stop knocking on my door?

Two women who worked as strippers eventually showed up in the room with a bag of cocaine, she said, and Coss and her friend took a picture of Stamos bending over a table where the drugs had been laid out.

Bending over to make sure that the stripper’s drivers license said they were both over 18 undoubtedly…

Henderson said Stamos and Coss later kissed on a bed and got into a hot tub together after Stamos undressed and Coss stripped to her underwear. She said Stamos offered to perform oral sex on Coss, but she declined. Florida law makes it a second-degree felony for someone 24 or older to have oral sex with anyone 16 or 17 years old. It carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.

You bitches can’t put John in prison, he only raped little princess with his eyes. Since when is that a crime? I have them bitches raping me all day with their eyes when I walk across the street.

Vermaat also said the two exchanged e-mails “with some regularity” but did not discuss details of the alleged 2004 encounter.

Stamos received two e-mails last fall from a “Jessica T” who claimed she was pregnant and Stamos was the father, Vermaat said. Later came a series of e-mails from a “Brian L” describing allegedly compromising photos and saying they would be sold to tabloids if Stamos did not buy them for $680,000.

And that of course that’s when John decided the taste in his mouth had finally gone sour and called the FBI on them bitches because him bending over and looking at strippers, and half naked 17 year old women and making out of with bags of coco pops can’t be worth that much. Unless you don’t get caught that is…