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The Village Voice Queer issue finally arrives staring man whores ‘the Jersey Shore boys.’


Living the ‘Guido Riviera.’

Have a look at the above picture. It involves the 3 of the most prominent members of what Jersey locals call the ‘Guido Riviera,’ a stretch of sand somewhere deep in Guido headquarters where guidos and guidettes spend summer months making out to the tune of thumping house music and roaring speed boats competing against the sounds of revved up hot cars out of dad’s memory garage.

As a testament to these sweethearts the Village Voice this week decided to dedicate it’s front page to the summer exploits of a misunderstood collective, who on one hand have the adulation of South Jersey and the contempt of the rest of civilization. But then something went tragically wrong, Mickie, Snoopy and Sleazy didn’t realize that the Voice would be using their images for the cover of their Queer issue which set of a poisonous chain reaction amongst Guido Riviera inhabitants who were in disbelief that their local heroes could be implicated in the wretched act of occasionally getting on their knees and worshipping the all mighty shlong.

As it would have it the Village Voice has spent the whole day explaining that they weren’t necessarily saying that Mickie, Snoopy and Sleazy were gay but looked hot enough to be gay. Upon hearing this Mickie, Snoopy and Sleazy shrugged and asked when the camera man would be back from lunch for the next session of photographs…

Source: The NY Post;

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