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Michael Lohan to open nightclub in the Hamptons.


How to live off your daughter’s fame.

According to the NY Post this afternoon, media whore and distressed father of number one media whore in America- Lindsay Lohan is set to open a nightclub this summer in the Hamptons, Long Island, NY. The name of the nightclub- ‘Milk and Honey,’ sorry kids- just kiddin’ – ‘Controversy,’ is set to be a family business.

Michael has already asked his son to come and work with him, doing what isn’t exactly clear, but maybe drug courier might be a compelling idea.

NY Post:

Lohan said the nightclub will offer a driving service for customers too intoxicated to drive home and “screen for drugs” at the door. Lindsay Lohan is currently wearing a court-ordered alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet, and Michael Lohan himself was charged with a DUI in 2005.

Lohan said he wants his 22-year-old son Michael to help manage the club, and said it could “become a family enterprise.”

In light of the fact that he wants his nightclub to become a family business- here’s our work day roster:

1/ Michael – Dad- cleaning the toilets and picking up all the empty cokey bags and occasionally twittering his daughter’s guest appearances.

2/ Dina- Mommy- Cocktail waitress doing lines with the clientile in the VIP section.

3/ Lilo- Resident media whore- and drug courier. She will of course have to wait until her scram device is removed before she makes runs to the local crack house.

4/ Lilo’s sister- Ali. Door bitch. Because she herself is under age she will work the door, with guest appearances from all of Lilo’s favorite Manhattan doormen.

5/ Lilo’s Brother- the quiet one of the bunch will be in charge of the till and bartending all of Lilo’s favorite recipes.

‘Controversy,’ – isn’t time you had one as well?

Source: NY Post.