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Maison France Panel Discussion at Hearst Tower


Then there was Antoine of Ligne Roset that specializes in contemporary, ‘sleek’ European design. Their main competitors are Italian, confessed Antoine Roset, who highlighted the importance of ‘really studying the markets attacked’ and too of employing proper tools, colors and wording when adapting to different regions–‘national’ and ‘local’ ones. While New York is admittedly Roset’s strongest market, Canada too provides them with an active clientele. “It’s all about thinking like an American,” Ligne Roset notes, divulging: “We work with lacquer, upholstery and young, non traditional designs.”

Finally, Les Metalliers Champenois president Jean Wiart (who came to America in 1984 to make the flame and balustrade of Unites State’s own Statue of Liberty) offered:  “People like things from another country; traditional hand wrought metalwork, and custom made products… our clients are loyal-educated, museum goers who know quality.”

With respect to the New York market, Wiart says the US is more a patron of the arts than the French; “they are willing to pay real dollars.” New York, the ‘cultural nexus’ is Les Metalliers Champenois’ largest markets, which remained relatively untouched by the recession in 2009 and 2010— where as 2008 did see a decrease in gross sales.

In conclusion, panelists emphasized the importance of working hard, maintaining solid Internet networks and of pulling through hard times. The solid advice was founded on years of experience, success and press that new foreign business entrepreneurs soaked up. To thrive in the United States, a design company must carry out the mission of living well and implement house Veranda’s motto—‘le joie de vivre’—in most creative, craftily ways.


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