Home Scandal and Gossip Kim Wayman wows us at Gilles and Louda’s Art Salon.

Kim Wayman wows us at Gilles and Louda’s Art Salon.


Photo by Keith Lew.

SCV: What resonates with you?

KW: Space, being in it. Feeling it’s context.

SCV: Who are some of the artists that have personally inspired you?

KW: Peter Gabriel.  He really is the forefront of performance art. A real genius- he would inhabit ground breaking characters. And David Bowie, Radio Head. I also love Lady Gaga- she’s so fearless and groundbreaking- she’s a complete performance junkie.

SCV: Where to next?

KW: I’m releasing an upcoming LP and from there looking to tour and collaborate with other artists. I want to make the world feel alive.

SCV: Because it makes you feel alive?

KW: Exactly.

SCV: Good luck Ms Wayman. A real treat.

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