Home Scandal and Gossip Kim Wayman wows us at Gilles and Louda’s Art Salon.

Kim Wayman wows us at Gilles and Louda’s Art Salon.


Photo by Arthur Eisenberg. Jay (lead singer for the Cleaners) Fay in the middle and Saskia to the right.

It’s no secret that we here at Scallywag and Vagabond are great fans of the monthly art salons that take place at the accomplished Gilles and Louda Larrain‘s Soho enclave (in fact so are the NY Times, but that was after we first discovered them first- blah!) For the last year we have been sending a rotisserie of writers along who without fail always have an amazing time. To be sure some of our writers have now been adopted by Gilles and Larrain and even this author has been known to be extended a private dinner invitation from time to time. That said once again we passed by this past Thursday to see whom we might meet this time, what may catch our eye and what would charm the bejesus out of us (where Gilles and Larrain find these remarkable talents to inspire us often confounds me…but I am glad they find them nevertheless).

Who charmed us that night was the ever wonderfully talented Ms Kim Wayman, a spirited chanteuse with a voice approaching angelic harmonies and ethereal sensibilities, with a touch of despairing grit (the way we like it here… ).So beguiled was I after listening to her that evening I had to wake up the next morning and listen to her myspace page just to make sure it was her that I heard- and to be sure it was. (If you enjoy being seduced I advise after you have read this article to go to Kim’s myspace page here).

Photo by Arthur Eisenberg. One of Louda's preferred models.
Photo by Arthur Eisenberg. Valerie Geffner who also performed later that evening.