Home Scandal and Gossip Kim Wayman wows us at Gilles and Louda’s Art Salon.

Kim Wayman wows us at Gilles and Louda’s Art Salon.


Photo by Keith Lew. Kim Wayman.

So inspired was I by Miss Wayman I rushed over to her to after her performance (old paparazzo habits never die easy …) and accosted her to sit down and give me an impromptu interview. That said here is the interview below. Miss Wayman to be sure is someone you need to be watching out for. p.s – her latest single ‘Ghost Girl,’ penned with grammy nominated “Telepopmusik” was included on the Air France compilation, “In the Air” and licensed by Peugot worldwide. A perfect dreamy song with a catchy beat. Thank you in advance Ms Wayman. Now we know who Gilles and Louda also need to invite to dinner…

SCV: How did you first start performing?

KW: I started writing my own songs and playing the piano and from there I was looking to find my own voice. And from there recording with friends.

SCV: What do you like to sing about?

KW: Things I’m in love with.

SCV: What or whom are you in love with now?

KW: I’m in love with the world. I feel so lucky to be here.

SCV: What are some of your themes?

KW: Love, nature, relationships,, nature, injustice.

Photo by Keith Lew. Kim wears one of Louda's designs.

SCV: What do you think the role of a performing artist is?

KW: To make people feel things they never felt before they sat down to listen to you. I want you to be beautifully destroyed, to feel the torture, the sadness, the euphoria, to communicate the essence of being.