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One of a Kind Louda.


Fay and her mother, Nicole Durbin and Scallywag.

It would be tempting to assume that her piecemeal creative process would make a cohesive collection difficult, but the unique look of her handmade fabrics proves to be a unifying force. Once you understand her aesthetic you can easily spot a Louda creation from across the room. Louda’s acolytes tend to be women with a fiercely individual sense of style, much like the followers of New York’s other boutique designers like A Détacher’s Mona Kowalska. As Louda explained;

“I’m very hidden, I have to say. I make very special things that are not for everyone, so people somehow end up learning about me. But of course I would like more exposure. For people who would appreciate it, who would want it.”

For a closer look at Louda’s work, visit her website or drop by 95 Grand Street for the next Art Salon party and talk to her about it yourself.

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