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Shouldn’t you be endorsing adultery too?

Jets and Giants fans are all in-love with the new stadium, and are looking forward to football season officially beginning. However, do the New York fans really want to be associated with supporting the likes of Jesse James and Tiger Woods?

Noel Biderman is the proud CEO of Ashley Madison, the matchmaking affair site (of discreet cheating spouses). He is so proud of his site that he has the balls to offer $25 million dollars for 5 years for the Naming Rights of the new stadium. TMZ says he even goes as far as to say that if the stadium receives any other offers, “We would be pleased to match any such superior offer”.

In comparison to other expensive stadiums…Bank of America pays $7 million to the Carolina Panthers for the use of their name, as well as FedEx shells out $7.6 million to the Washington Redskins.

Just To Note: Mr. Biderman has also offered Tiger Woods 5 million dollars to endorse Ashley Madison. Shouldn’t we all just go back to discreetly cheating behind each other’s back instead of in front of each other’s back?

Source: TMZ

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  • Nicole

    I don’t care what they name the stadium, as long as it helps the G-D J-E-T-S, jets, jets, jets..win the the BIG ONE!