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Have you seen Gary Coleman’s ‘long dong silver’ yet?


Even in death Gary Coleman is still causing scandal.

We must have all known that it was coming to this and it has. Frequently known for his scandalous behavior and associations, a new video tape has surfaced portraying Gary Coleman’s private parts and the owner of the original tape, Ron Carlson is up in arms and is hustling to sue the offender – kikster.com $100 000 if they don’t immediately take it off. Without further ado, welcome to the Gary Coleman ‘long dong silver’ scandal…

Ron Carlson — the director behind the documentary “Midgets vs. Mascots” where the footage first appeared — fired off a nasty letter to the people at kikster.com (who published the clip) accusing them of illegal activity.

Carlson calls the isolated video — which shows an exposed Coleman in some kind of shower — “a direct and blatant violation of our Rights and quite frankly offensive on so many disturbing levels.”

The angry director gives the website two options — take it down, stat … or pay $10,000,000.

One can only wonder what Gary Coleman is thinking up there in ‘midget’ heaven- he must probably be wishing his career received as much attention before his death or at the very least wishing he could now audition his own very special sex tape. Either way, let’s thank our lucky stars that we wont be getting to see the uncensored Gary Coleman sex tape, not that it wouldn’t fly off the shelves.

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