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What’s wrong with media today?


Which is not to say we are doomed. Thankfully the low cost of entry on the internet has indeed provided a forum for those individuals who are willing to surf the web and come across the new crop of more nuanced and enlightened media concerns portrayal of ideas and events ( think mediachannel.org, informationclearinghouse.info and the other alternate blogs that they support). Which is not to say that all news, idea or events has to be couched in academic thesis terms, hardly, but if one looks around the web one will and can still come across spirited, insightful commentary as to the times we live in couched in very popular accessible terms. Of course that doesn’t mean most new entrants in the media world aren’t ultimately positioning themselves to take advantage of the commercial and hyper rampant celebrity re hashing that takes place ad hoc all day long, even on the major news networks.

Ultimately it’s up to the consumer to decide on what it wants and to some extent those media companies who wish to take a stand to make themselves accessible to an increasingly marginalized and discerning public who are increasingly leaving by the droves the major networks and looking for more spirited, intelligent commentary and regard of ideas (one would at least hope…). In fact one fellow I was having a discussion summed it up like this- “today the media and entertainment complexes are being run by people who studied just enough to understand how to get a job at Viacom, but never enough how to create a master piece or be their own artist.” Which is perhaps another way of saying, for the time being- we are only game to realize our aspirations if our TV heroes realize them, for the time being we’ll stick to what get’s us by, even if what get’s us by isn’t really how we wish we were getting by- but then again, the great idea about living in America is that you can become the next ‘it,’ never mind in the interim most of us are just chewing the bit. Let’s hope that Carrie Bradshaw at least gets her man…

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