Home Nightlife The dandy set arrive at the 240th English Ball.

The dandy set arrive at the 240th English Ball.

Photographt by Keith Lew. John Shannon, Natalie T. Pray, and Capt. Morten Marott.

If anyone has ever lived in England or surrounded themselves with English people they will notice that most of them have slightly crooked teeth, a wicked sense of humor and a rapacious appetite for life, albeit they tend not to make too much of a fuss for the cameras as being civil and demure is more often preferred.

That said nothing much was that different as we turned up this past Thursday for a rather delightful tete a tete at the NY Public library that drew the who’s who of English society and that of the Commonwealth (yes it’s true, a long long time ago England was just as powerful as America is today and had a whole clan of countries that answered to it, now those countries only answer to England if she is polite…) who were there in essence to honor the wonderful work of  Mark C. Pigott, OBE, in support of what John Shannon, the society’s Executive director and Almoner claimed was for his “critical support of the Society’s education report.”

If one is to clearly understand what the society stands for then one is almost certainly obliged to drink lots of Earl Grey tea with its members and delicately fuss over crumpets. Unfortunately I had little recourse to such avenues and I did what I naturally understand to do in my sleep- which is to line socialites and celebrities up and carefully strip them of their apprehensions and ask a series of kindred questions while the manic paparazzi photographers standing behind me hyper ventilate with their toys and newly found subjects.

Baroness Gabrielle von Langendorff, Sheikh Abdula Thuraya.
Peter and June Felix.

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