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Smashing the new I pad with a baseball bat has become the new You Tube viral sensation.

'Let's get this party started...'

'Let's get this party started...'

The things that people can never get enough of.

On the surface it’s a senseless act, that said, the depiction of a group of youths demolishing a brand new I pad with a base ball bat outside a Best Buy store Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Saturday has attracted more than 490,000 views (as of publishing) on You Tube, the video-sharing site.

Asked why the youths did what they did Justin Kocott replied “I wanted to be the first one to do it before other people did it,”

Perhaps describing a senseless act of barbaric behavior or even approximating the ambivalent feelings of material acquisition in a materially over laden culture, one thing is for sure, the video has caught the imagination of many people perhaps conditioned to be stimulated by the random nonsensical displays or perhaps put another way- ‘there is nothing like watching a supposed status object being annihilated, even if everyone knows it’s just make believe.’

Pressed if Kocott disliked Apple he responded: “I do not at all hate Apple. I love Apple, actually,”

If love is destruction then the world is entering a scary place, that said let’s watch how scary it really can be…


Apple turns a nice ‘trick’ during the recession courtesy of its I-pad.»

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  • Lucy

    A waste of money could have went to something useful. A bunch of idiots. Their parents give them to much money.