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‘Slutting’ your way through NYC.

A sposored lifestyle can always be negotiated.
The acquired lifestyle of certain women.

When F Scott Fitzgerald wrote his novel the Great Gatsby back in the 1920’s it was at a time when the nation as a whole had begun to immerse itself in technological revolution, mass communication, the aftermath of a heady WW1 and the time when America was suddenly becoming the new cultural elite and purveyor of the world. This must have inspired wonderful images in the author’s head, not least young women who were suddenly escaping confined notions of what it used to be a woman and that if she now wanted to, she could re invent herself either through the acclaims of her own efforts say as an actress or singer, journalist or that of high priced floozy off the backs of gratuitous men who accepted such trade offs.

If one thinks about what has happened since then one can only say not that much, except perhaps the game has become a bit more sophisticated, convoluted and maxed out to the point where once the media would have ignored such tales, it now rapaciously seeks them knowing full well that there is a certain segment of the audience that will be titillated, encouraged and yet dismayed to see their names used, and mentioned whilst others will see such articles as some sort of weird affirmation for all the horrible feelings inside them pursuant to degenerating themselves as someone’s high priced concubine, with money supposedly being the redeemer.

In essence such articles as for instance this one – Half Hookers, as the one appearing in today’s NY Mag one can find supposedly quality mags like NY Mag extolling the scene for it has become- ‘A Vixen’s haven conditional that she behave according to plan.’ As long as a woman behaves and looks a certain way she can supposedly find herself going a long way in this world and if it morally bothers her (which it undoubtedly rarely does since all her friends are now being coaxed to behave likewise…) then there is always the option of maintaining and acquiring ones own status and independence despite these creatures that harangue them. That of course would mean the immediate drawback of having to do without paid trips to the Carribean, and all the latest designer shoes that perversely let most men know that she either comes from money, makes her own money or has sold her sexuality and youth for these trappings.

Of course a young woman who can not think for herself and gives away subtle signs of bad breeding are so often the ones that men with money with cash and status to burn are looking for even if they tell you otherwise. After all women like these are a lot more desperate to make it in the world that the media is telling them that they are entitled to, never mind if it all began as a lonely author such as F Scott Fitzgerald back in the 1920’s exploring what was suddenly a curious design for women to suddenly claim emancipation, sexual liberation and access to a world that one not so long ago could never have fathomed since the social divides were very firmly entrenched unlike now. Now, a girl who comes from Omaha or Brighton Beach can if she plays her