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YES VIRGINIA, There is A Social Mafia in NYC!!



Yowza- let's hope PMC can take another picture of me...Grind girl grind...


There are a group of people in this town who celebrate themselves, highlight only the works and good deeds of their friends while acting/posing/acting around a rather broken social construct with themselves as the top bananas or the gatekeepers. To quote my ex girlfriend who her self worked in the field of public relations, albeit at a more exclusive level: “They are stars in their own show.”

You can’t change the attitudes of self promoting douchebags nor should anyone worry that someone who is an empty vessel for the agenda of others has a successful blog. Looking pretty in a dress, acting like Holly Go Lightly while printing press releases and images taken by someone else hardly makes on a “New Media Entrepreneur” even if you have your own Wikipedia entry and a Godfather shepherding you through the corridors of power, especially if you truly have absolutely nothing interesting or critical to say.

Make no mistake, GuestofaGuest.com is part of the genre of blogs that exist as a dumping ground for all the content that is not fit to print in a magazine or that publicists cannot wrangle editors to make space for in their magazines. With the decline of the print medium event planners and publicists need a dumping ground for content that cannot be published elsewhere.  If you are a blogger, this is a good thing. Why, because if you distinguish yourself online, capture an audience, perhaps even a thinking audience, you many find yourself being courted like the New York Times.

Elevate, don’t salivate or get angry at those who have sold themselves out to appeal to the lowest common denominator and who will print literally anything and extol the virtues of Satan as long as they are getting paid. That ain’t journalism.

What you can do, is simply work to CHANGE THE F__KING GAME! Do not play the kiss my ass I will kiss your ass school of new media journalism propagated by those who desire to join the existing social order. There are lots of fascinating people, places and things going on in NYC. One need not simply cover the same folks night in and night out or suck on Tinsley Mortimer’s proverbial penis or extol the virtues of legendary photographers who after 25 years still have a hard time taking photos with ambient lighting or that are actually in focus.

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'Suck on this kids,' Tinsley letting you know she can hang...