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Hillary Flowers Fashion Show and Designer birthday.


These fall 2010 designs and others like them can be found at her boutique at 40 Clinton–in the lower east side. Marketing a plethora of designs, accessories, jewelry and clothing, at her Collective, Flower’s has emerged as a leading designer and platform for other to showcase their talents in New York fashion industry, today.

The show ended as ravenous party boys and girls anxiously stormed into Club Roam, diluting the fashion-interested with much less sophisticated motives: Sex, drugs and loud top 40.



  1. Thank you for the lovely article! At Club Roam, Hillary Flowers is featuring Designer “Sandra Baquero” who is currently selling in Hillary Flowers Boutique (40 Clinton Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Biz Hrs 1-8pm Tues- Sun)

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