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Hillary Flowers Fashion Show and Designer birthday.


Flower’s moved to New York City with no job- two suitcases and straight out of University. Now she’s a singer-songwriter, club promoter, successful designer and boutique-owner. She majored in studio art at the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a focus on performance art, and has made an indescribably unique name for herself ever since.

Bulky and exotic jewels, authentic belts, sandals, heels and shoes, worn against a backdrop of windy, elastic leg wear–resembled the red stripes of a candy cane—in silver, gold and bronze metallic colors. Purple, tight fitting dresses and knit flowers sewn onto arm-sleeves, borders of hats and leg wear woke, Flower’s signature insertion, woke audiences to recognize originality.

Turquoise brilliantly shook the runway, as one model in a long, fur vest accentuated by black turtleneck followed in a light, long-sleeved dress with tail and wings. My particular favorites were the rose, pink fur leg warmers accompanying the girl’s grey, baggy over-the-knee dress and the high ruffle-collared chiffon gown that seemed to evoke an almost regal air.



  1. Thank you for the lovely article! At Club Roam, Hillary Flowers is featuring Designer “Sandra Baquero” who is currently selling in Hillary Flowers Boutique (40 Clinton Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Biz Hrs 1-8pm Tues- Sun)

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