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Goods For Goods Gives A Helping Hand To The People Of Malawi

Image Courtesy: Keith Lew

Photos courtesty: James
Photos courtesty: James Palmer

This past Monday night saw a very abundant turnout in support of Melissa Kushner’s foundation Goods for Goods (founded in 2006) at the Chelsea Art Museum, raising awareness of the plight of the Malawi people (an indigent state in East Africa) as well as some much-needed funds.

In such an impoverished state, ravaged by civil war and a defunct economic system, many citizens are forced to make to do without many basic necessities. Inspired by a position she had with the United Nations, Kushner was subsequently inspired to take a trip to Malawi, Africa to see, first-hand, the conditions in which most people were forced to live. What amazed her was the high drop-out rate from school; many children aren’t in the position to buy shoes to get to school, let alone the school uniforms.

What also intrigued her was how much of the aid wasn’t actually getting through, remaining stuck in warehouses and ports gathering dust. With some concerted effort and organization, she was once again able to open the channels of distribution.

Image courtesy of James Palmer
Image courtesy of James Palmer