Home Scandal and Gossip Dick Cheney rushed to hospital.

Dick Cheney rushed to hospital.


Will a country survive if the worst turns out to be true?

According to a spokesman former vice president and titan of America – Dick Cheney, was momentarily rushed to hospital with chest pains. How bad the pains are or the seriousness of the situation has yet to be disclosed, never mind the collective pain Cheney has caused the nation.

In any event, like most media outlets we’re anxiously waiting to find out the seriousness of Dick’s condition, and although we would never wish ill health on anyone, the bigger question does come to mind is this comeuppance for a man who ever since he took political office has connived to engage in the collective good of his select interest friends, never mind the minefields we were encouraged to cross to see to Dick’s will.

The irony of course is if he and George W Bush were still in the office, the real fear wouldn’t be pertaining to Dick’s health but what the country would really do if sole power was left to a stuttering George W Bush.

In the meantime the world waits to see what comes off this and what consequences this may have for a nation as a whole.


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