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‘Brianah,’ the little girl that can.

Photo courtesy of 'Brianah.'

Brianah for all intensive purposes is like most normal ten year old girls, she cherishes her girly demeanor, has a streak of flamboyance and can probably name all the major pop stars at a drop off a hat. Of course there is one difference between ‘Brianah,’ and most girls her age, actually most girls double her age- and that is the fact that this young lady has a ‘killer’ voice and when I say killer I mean killer. One other thing I should also mention is, if ‘Brianah,’ keeps getting the breaks she’s been getting  she’ll be the next pop star you’ll be mouthing off too as well.

When I am first introduced to Brianah the first thing that I am struck by is her polish and poise but also her gusto and the nuanced sensibility that one is not apt to find in such young girls. This little girl for all intensive purposes is a darting supernova, full of imagination and the kind of sound range that would blow most people away. In fact she does blow most people away, which explains how this ten year little girl (who bears a striking resemblance to Taylor Swift and possibly the same career projectile as the 19 year old) suddenly found herself here in NYC recording her first 5 trek EPK – “Hide and seek in the dark,” at an age that most kids are still clinging wildly to their mothers, this little ‘Jane’ was out there swinging bats. Perhaps if this what it meant to be a child prodigy, this author was very game to find out more…


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