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The etiquette of ‘text’ dating.



Dating has always been a perfected ‘game pitch.’ Before the cluster arrival of cell phones, facebook, the internet, twitter one would actually go out meet people and hopefully get a number. From there one would be required to ring and speak like human beings or at worst leave a beguiling phone message that depending on ones pitch or tension could expect to hear or never hear back from the prospective date.

Thanks to text messaging one is alleviated the moral discomfort of having to actually speak to another human being who may or may not be that into us (and of course vice to versa). At least with texting we are spared from being too personal- the thing we probably need to be in the first place if we are to get anywhere.

Of course we live in a different world these days and being anonymous or virtual somehow suits our collective temperament. That being the case I have decided to educate you in the art of text dating. Please pay attention and if you have any question, for those of you who have my number you can always text me – that way I wont have to pick up the phone or listen to your voice mail and possibly be moved more than I am capable of…

As you may or may not know we are now living in the technological age that makes our world so much smaller, and what is the number one form of communication?  Texting.  Yes, we’re typing into our phones a quote from a television show we saw for the hundredth time, and letting our friends know that it’s funny and they should laugh as well.  We’re getting drunk and suddenly becoming curious what that girl from the bar is doing at 1:15 A.M. It’s technological evolution at its best…