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Sympathy for the Devil.


keith250Ronnie Wood continues to act up while Keith Richards surprises the universe by committing to sobriety.

The boys who have made a legacy of being bad boys have for the longest time been laughing all the way to the bank and the crotches of 18 year olds. True as that may be there’s only one catch with this princely lifestyle- it eventually shows up in your liver and by the looks of Keith, your face too.

Comments Keith who now (should we be cynical here or should we pretend that we never met Keith before) is repulsed by Rolling Stone band mate Ronnie Wood’s wicked ways –

“But he has watched Ronnie fall well and truly off the wagon last year and he doesn’t like what he sees. Plus he has started to feel for the first time like it might do him some good to give up the booze for a while.”

Does this mean the liquor industry is about to go bankrupt anytime soon?


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