Home Visual Arts ‘Quick while still,’ stars at pop up at Heist gallery.

‘Quick while still,’ stars at pop up at Heist gallery.

Photography by Arthur Eisenberg. Laura Rubin and Talia Eisenberg.

In their continued efforts to be innovative and a progressive voice for down town artists (what else would we expect from Ms Talia Eisenberg and her crew over at Heist Gallery..?) Ms Eisenberg did the unexpected. She took us all uptown for a series of exhibits meant to take advantage of derelict unleased space to explore the terrain of Pop art work. Curated by Colin Heurter, the work featured the notable appearance of Katherine Bernhardt, Kadar Brock, Mark Gibson, Matt Jones, John Newsom, and Wendy White. All accomplished artists in their own right, the collective work aspired to exemplify the discord of time, place, society and in fact the art world itself which has undergone degrees of turbulence of late.

Standing in the vast space which by the time I was arrived was filled to the brim with a mixture of giddy downtown types (giddy in the sense that this must have been their first trek uptown in a considerable while- assuming 32nd and Madison qualifies as temporal uptown…) and recognizable artists, dealers, critics and of course the occasional giggling super model one could perhaps remark that the disunity of the crowd somehow spoke of the dissipation of time and space in our current time.

Swatch Watch by Katherine Bernhardt.