Home Nightlife Nikki Beach Midtown and Unicef Help Haiti Relief

Nikki Beach Midtown and Unicef Help Haiti Relief


Photography by Arthur Eisenberg. Jen Marden to the right.

“We’re saving Haiti.  Starting…now!” said the lively Jen Marden, who organized the Unicef charity event at Nikki Beach Midtown.  Like just about every charity these days, the proceeds will go to help the relief cause in Haiti. Considering the disastrous earthquake, and slap in the face aftershock, it’s only right.  Suggested donations at the door were $20, which will mainly go toward purchasing water and medical supplies.  With an eight-hour party time frame, it’s likely a nice chunk of change was raised by the event.

Unlike past regrettable nights waiting outside the selective door, this reporter was greeted with charm and quickly allowed access.  The chic international club chain saw an eclectic mix of patrons file in relatively early to the upstairs lounge, some coming straight from work. The abundance of pure white pillows and comfortable beds, allowed for some minor relief of our own.  It was nice to kick back with a glass of wine, knowing that in some small way a bit of help would soon be on its way to Haiti.  On the other hand, it’s difficult to let loose considering the circumstances.



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