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Ryan Air passengers forced to suck ice cubes!


Ryanair2010calendar250_250A brave new world of flying has arrived…

It seems the airwaves are really getting jammed these days. Out of the UK comes the tragicomedy story of how to negotiate one’s sanity and well being in the hands of others who are trying to pry dollars (pounds) out of your pocket. The facts as they appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.
“….passengers stranded on a Ryanair flight from Stansted on Monday had to resort to licking ice cubes to stave off heat exhaustion. It was all his cabin staff would hand out to the 200 poor souls stuck in their seats for five hours, in stifling conditions, during the snow flurries.”

Tantalizing right? But it gets better. It always get better when you are a captive prisoner with your life flashing between your eyes and the stewardess smiling awkwardly in the background.

A Ryanair spokesman claimed that cabin staff could not open the bar while the aircraft was on the ground due to “Inland Revenue laws”. The Air Transport Users’ Council, the aviation watchdog, disputes this, adding that there is no law to prevent staff from handing out a few free cups of water.

Well, rules are rules- and one mustn’t break them where there is human life endangerment and lots of money involved…What did Michael O’Leary, Ryan Air’s chief executive officer have to offer?

“Our customer service is unlike any other airline,” he said during a recent interview. “Will we give you a refund on a non-refundable ticket if your granny died unexpectedly? No. We’re not interested in your sob stories.”

Well that’s putting it into perspective for us. With the recent terrorist act on the Delta Northwestern flight this past Christmas day we think riding airplanes will soon become a very unnecessary evil and will be approached with the same regard of that of a dead skunk run over by a multitude of cars. How pleasant…

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