Home Scandal and Gossip Lilo hooks up with B grade actor Kevin Connolly.

Lilo hooks up with B grade actor Kevin Connolly.


kevin-connollyLove letters between B and C grade actors.

The latest dilemma surrounding America is whether Lilo is dating B grade actor Kevin Connoly. Perez Hilton insists that she is, which means we better all pay collective attention.

Reports the equally outspoken media whore Perez;

They apparently met at Leonardo DiCaprio’s house last month and are now thinking of actually labeling whatever they are doing as being in a relationship. According to an insider, “Lindsay and Kevin have been sneaking around. It’s not serious yet, but they seem to have some sort of physical connection. Lindsay isn’t sure what’s going to happen, so for now she wants to keep things quiet.”

Lindsay Lohan’s team must have planted an editor at Perez’s make shift drivel blog, because that’s just about the most boring news they could have reported. Of course seeing that we can’t help ourselves and we are after all perversely committed to Lilo until death do us part it’s our obligation to provide you with the titillation that you (we) sorely crave. Some food chains it seems never go away…

Lilo can date anyone she wants because at the end of the day the media is a bigger whore.

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