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Carrie Prejean is “Holy.”



According to Miss Carrie Prejean, anyone out and about after the clock strikes midnight, is a believer of Satan. According to Page Six, Prejean pulled out of talks to make an appearance at Shrine at the MGM Grand in Foxwoods, Connecticut. She was in negotiations of receiving a $15,000 offer for just turning up at the venue with Moodswing360 promoters. Yet, when she heard that the appearance was scheduled to be between the slots of midnight to 2 AM in the morning, she recoiled as if she was asked to partake in a gay marriage.

According to her statement, the time was “in direct conflict with her reputation as a Christian.” Wait, her reputation is that of a Christian and not a whore? Well, I’m sure her devout faith in the Lord made her decide that she should get a boob job, take naked pictures, and record herself on numerous accounts diddling herself for her boyfriends’ pleasure. I mean, what exactly did she expect while brokering the deal? That she would go early in the morning and give a speech over the DJ system about the virtues of being a Christian at a club?

Her mother, Francine, also wrote an email saying, “We are not completely certain that we want her in a nightclub setting at the hours specified in the contract. As you can understand, this is in direct conflict with who she is. Her reputation as a Christian is more important than any public appearance attention or monetary compensation. If in the future, you have an opportunity for her to speak to young adults, or physically challenged athletes, she would love it.” Is it Francine? Is a nightclub really a “direct conflict” with her image? I would guess after all those scandalous revelations, it would fit her to a tee. And seriously, is her plan really to try to be taken as a sincere child of God by only dealing young adults and physically challenged athletes?

If she really wants to uphold this sudden reputation transplant, she should shed her arrogant “holier-than-thou” attitude, and stop identifying herself as a heartfelt “Christian.” After all, a true Christian wouldn’t make a sex tap e than shrug it off as something that happened when she was younger — does that mean she wasn’t Christian then? Is there an on and off switch for religion? Rather, she should acknowledge her mistakes and stop blaming everyone around her and take responsibility for her own actions for once. After all, Carrie Prejean, God is forgiving — but I’m sure you knew that already, right?

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