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Art Basel MIAMI Interview Mag Party- Studio 54 all over again!



I got the door man’s attention and he let me in. I looked around at the insanity that surrounded me. To my left Larry Gagosian was dancing with his girlfriend at the same table as Naomi Campbell and her gorgeous billionaire. Mark Wahlberg rushed past me and various models and beautiful “nobodies” mingled with art heavy hitters.

I saw Anthony Haden-Guest dancing at Calvin Klein’s table and went to greet him. We danced for a while then I left again to survey the crowd. I noticed William Dechert dancing at a table and joined him and his famous photographer friend. I looked across the table at which I was sitting and saw Nicky Hilton dancing with a bottle of Grey Goose surrounded by various heirs to fortune 500 companies.

After a couple hours of dancing, I emerged from the crowded club at about 4 am. Outside, a young gentleman was enraged that he could not get in. His friend’s were inside and this party was for artists and he, he exclaimed ‘was an important artist’. I asked him what he did and he told me he painted and sold his work to celebrities including being commissioned to paint two presidents. Still enraged he said he didn’t need some party to validate his self worth, although I expect his ego was bruised. But then, who needs an ego or even a party when you sold a painting of Lebron James to Beyonce the day before? Even so, although I wasn’t Bianca Jagger riding in on my white horse, I was happy I was able to slip through the doors.

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