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Beyonce Knowles: “If I’m ‘booty –liscious,’ I think I can do whatever I like…”


beyonce-knowlesWhat’s one to do when a star decides she’s no longer in the mood…?

Here comes a dilemma . According to tabloid sensationalists- the NY Post, booty luscious vixen ‘Beyonce’ has decided she wont be performing tomorrow night at some nightclub the Scallywag crew have never heard of and would never bother turning up to called M2.

Well, okay you say, but here’s the bad news (for M2’s owner –Joey Morrissey) he’s already plunked down a hundred g on the night and even made specific sound floor boards and wall changes that the ‘star’ (yes- whateverthat word means…) requested.

Beyonce true to form decided she’s relinquish her 200 check, and drop by for an hour on Sunday. Well what’s a club owner to do? Sue (he has already threatened),be a man about it (whatever that means as well…) or find a quick replacement?

Either way, it’s no skin off Beyonce’s nose- cause you and I both know she’s ‘booty luscious’ and this is after all is what stars do- so get used to it, while you love her even more….