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Anne Hathaway’s new Boyfriend runs into a Cyclist


anne-hathaway-240The attraction to dangerous men continues.

Adam Schulman, Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend ran into a cyclist on Santa Monica Boulevard, December 14th, Friday afternoon.

No on was hurt, and though investigators say the cyclist was at fault, Hathaway’s previous relationship with convicted felon, Raffaello Follieri, has us wondering if she’s safer to become a lesbian!

We thought Becoming Jane would’ve converted Hathaway into a good girl, but this Prada-wearing Deviltress maintains an unclean record of law breaking boyfriends!

Follieri, arrested in 2008 for scamming investors out of millions of dollars, was a controversial fraud that disguised himself as a legitimate real estate developer. Misleading investors into giving Follieri their money to help the Catholic Church divest from unwanted real estate, Hathaway was an unsuspecting beneficiary of merchandise and vacations with a value of about 1.3 million: trips abroad, gifts for the Labrador, old wine and fancy dinners.

Strangely, Hathaway didn’t pick up on this shadiness until it was humiliatingly too late! Since 2004, she’d cleverly received her fair share of extravagance and made public appearance with the Italian stallion, whose impressive relationships with Bill Clinton, the Vatican, and the senators all rebounded into a big scandalous fraud!

Now, only a year and a half later, Hathaway’s current boyfriend is driving, recklessly. Typically savvy and lucky, the actress and Schulman were let off by the media, faultlessly. Embezzlements, money laundering, bounced checks and car accidents, Hathaway has certainly earned her title as the recipient of inattentive, hasty male driver- boyfriends.


Anne Hathaway Unharmed in Los Angeles Car Accident – People

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  • Mmh…it seems the editor wasn’t paying close attention, too mesmerized by Ms Hathaway…

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    I’m glad “No on” was hurt.