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Twilight Fan Gets it in the Neck.


biteIt’s official, the world is populated predominantly by freaks, and unfortunately for a girl in Michigan, watching vampire movies seems to bring out the best (or worst) of their freakiness.

The UK Mirror reports:

“A fan of the Robert Pattinson Twilight movies was left in shock after a fellow movie-goer bit her neck in a vampire-like attack as she watched the latest film in the series, New Moon.”

Fortunately for the 17-year-old her skin was not broken, so she will not be transforming into a nightwalker any time soon, but she was obviously frightened enough to have called the police.

“Detective Lt. Timothy LaVigne tells The Muskegon Chronicle the suspect made sexual comments to the teen before the biting occurred.”

I mean, really. Who does that? Unless, of course he actually was a vampire, in which case we can only assume that his unfortunate victim had a lucky escape.